Donations for Food Bank

Our non-perishable food basket collections are distributed at the InterFaith Food Cupboard.  This food bank usually serves 100 families a week.  Each family automatically receives a pre-stocked bag with peanut butter, jelly, pasta, sauce, tuna, rice, canned fruit, corn, green beans, tea and bread. Clients also have the opportunity to make requests from a checklist of stocked items, including canned meats and vegetables, cereal, healthy snacks, condiments, soups, and hygiene products.  Paper towels and toilet paper are often requested.  Highly desired items are coffee, canned meats, mushrooms and collards and smaller bags of flour and sugar.  As you continue to generously fill the baskets in the foyer, keep in mind that the Food Bank can only use products within a current expiration date.  Our Meeting members have been very generous with weekly donations to our collection baskets for the Interfaith Food Cupboard, but staples are always needed – rice, tuna, canned vegetables and fruit, paper products, mayo, catsup, salad dressing, pork ‘n beans, and coffee.  The foyer basket contains paper bags with the request lists.  Please take one!