Contributions urgently needed!

Your contributions to Abington Meeting are needed! Many thanks to the Friends who have already donated to Abington Meeting during 2017, but we ask you to please consider increasing your donation if at all possible. If you pledged a donation, please send it as soon as you are able. Our Finance Committee has determined that we are still below the mark for annual giving if we hope to meet our budget. If you haven’t donated, please remember that, even with pledges considered, we are all responsible for the upkeep and continued vitality of our Meeting and meetinghouse. As a reminder, this basic guideline was distributed earlier this year, with the hope that those who are able to give more generously will do so:

Basic Guidelines for Giving
Household with one adult member/attender:             $600
Household with two adult members/attenders:          $800
Plus for each child (to a maximum of two):               $100
Plus 1% of the amount by which a households adjusted gross income (line 37 of IRS Form 1040) exceeds $125,000.